We take care of athletes.

At Palermo we make products to help athletes overcome the stress and fatigue of racing and training.


The secret of caring for ourselves is in the caring of ourselves

We have developed a culture in which when something breaks we throw it away and buy a new one. This disposable culture has infiltrated most of our thinking, even of ourselves and our ‘self’.

Athletes, professional and amateur alike, push their bodies to breaking point, caught in the misconception that pain is the only path to progression, without looking at the consequences. We have become our own throw away culture. We expect our bodies to perform and when they don’t we look to have someone else fix it for us like a mechanic fixes a car. 

At Palermo we view the body differently. To us, the human body is a plant, not a machine. We as therapists are gardeners not mechanics. 

For the human body to thrive it needs to be nurtured into a position of strength, mobility and stability and never forced, ignored or taken for granted. 

You can’t force a flower to grow or demand that a tree recovers from being blown over in a storm. Nature takes time to heal and gain strength, and so, as part of nature, the human body takes time to recover. When we don’t allow the body time, the damage can be scarring and permanent.

Our products aim to be a part of these basic principles needed to keep you strong and healthy. Our products are 100% natural unique blends of specific plant oils selected to aid in your physical restoration and mental balance. There is nothing artificial or synthetic in what we make or do.

We aim to slow you down. To encourage you to take more care of yourself after the rigorous demands of life, racing and training.

We hope that by using our products you become more aware of your body. Of what needs extra attention and strengthening.

We believe that this slow approach to recovery is more efficient in the long run, when our bodies are cared for and strengthened properly we become more resilient and capable of withstanding far greater levels of stress than before.

Palermo has been created by Polly Farrington and Simon Lamb.

Simon is the creative force behind the products and has 10 years experience as a massage therapist and teacher working with professional and amateur athletes alike. His clinic focuses on the intricate relationship between an athlete’s psychological state and their physical performance and how this behavioural relationship can manifest into negative thought patterns, continuing to affect the musculature of the body even after the physical or psychological restrictions have healed.

Polly is the brains behind Palermo with 6 years experience managing eCommerce for cycling/sports businesses. She strongly believes in the importance of being in tune with your body, as well as the role of recovery in building strength. As a running, cycling, climbing, hiking, yoga-addict she has a lot of opportunity to put these beliefs into practice. Having been friends with Simon for the best part of 7 years, she trusts him implicitly on all matters of caring for your body, muscles and mind.

Photograph © Angelo Giangregorio.