The Push Up. The Sit Up. The Plank. The Squat.

Simon Lamb

There are a million and one ways to strengthen your body. At Palermo we believe in one way -
as simply as possible. 

There are hundreds of muscles in the human body. Do you need that many exercises to build a strong body? 


We want you to focus on just four simple body-weight exercises.

The Push Up.

The Sit Up.

The Plank.

The Squat.

Why these four?

Because put together they cover most of the muscles needed to maintain a strong and healthy body.

Because you don’t need any expensive equipment to do them (remember we only want you to use your body-weight as resistance).   

So, take a sheet of paper and write the four exercises at the top. 

See how many you can do now and write that down under each exercise.

Remember there is no right or wrong way to move your body, do each exercise how you think you should do them and in a way that doesn’t cause you pain.

The next day repeat it and try and beat the number you did the previous day.

Do that every day for a month. 

Why a month? A month is roughly how long it takes to form a habit, and a month is long enough to notice a significant difference in your strength and ability. 

You don’t need to keep adding and adding but after a month's practice you will be in a position to decide how many you need to do each day to stay strong, stable and mobile.