Take off your shoes.

Simon Lamb

This isn’t a post about barefoot running, or minimalist footwear. At Palermo we don’t mind what shoes you run in, other than that they are comfortable, as that is all that really matters. This post is about the health and strength of your feet. 

Consider doing this, next time you are sat at a computer, go to Youtube and watch some climbing videos. You will notice that a climber’s hands are strong. Very Strong. So strong in fact that a climber can hang from vertical or over-hanging cliffs using just a few fingers. 

A climber’s fingers are her main tool for staying on the wall. A runner’s feet should be her main tool. However since the 70’s runners have cast their feet in soft bouncy rubber. Could you imagine a climber climbing in boxing gloves to protect her hands? No we can’t either. But, somewhere along the line, predominately due to myth and clever marketing we have been taught to protect our feet rather than strengthen them.

The body adapts by being strong, not be being protected. 

We are not saying to throw out all your shoes and run naked down the road! What we are saying is when you aren’t outside take off your shoes and be barefoot. Indoors, outdoors whenever you can, as often as possible. Being bare foot will allow your feet to find their natural position and strength again in an everyday way. 

If you find this uncomfortable and maybe even painful then that is a sure sign that your feet need strengthening. So take it carefully and add to your capacity slowly.