Become strong through everyday movements.

Simon Lamb

Last week we wrote about how to strengthen your feet. We encouraged you to take off your shoes, whenever you can, to let your feet naturally find their own strong and flexible condition, something they often don’t get when trapped in shoes for most of the day. 

Here is an exercise to build on that and to develop our idea further.

Next time you are cleaning your teeth. Stand up straight, level your hips and stand just on one leg. Sounds easy doesn’t it?

Good, now try holding it for the few minutes you clean your teeth and then again on the following leg the next time. Not quite so easy is it, maybe one leg is stronger than the other and needs more practice. Don’t worry, if you have to put your foot down, just start again.

Hopefully you will begin to notice all those tiny muscles in your feet and lower legs that rarely get conditioned, these are vital muscles in the chain of stability you need when your foot hits the floor as you run. 

Practice this each day. Twice a day at least. When cleaning you teeth, waiting for the bus, waiting for anything really. Practice and make a habit. Become strong through everyday movements.