Pick that weight up and lift it above your head. And repeat.

Simon Lamb

By now you have probably realised that when it comes to building strength around our training we prefer to situate it in our everyday lives. From wearing no shoes to balancing on one leg, we find we get more done if it becomes part of our daily routine.

What follows is one simple exercise that can easily fit into your daily life but at the same time works just about all the important muscles you need to keep you strong and mobile. So, find yourself a clear space and follow…

Find a heavy object and place it at your feet.

Squat down and lift that object in one continuous movement upwards until it is above your head.

Reverse that movement and place the heavy object back on the floor.

Repeat as many times as you wish.

You will notice in this movement that everything is getting worked on. Legs, Trunk and Back. Shoulders and Arms. A full body work out from one simple movement.

As with everything we suggest, start off slow and build up the weight, you can use a medicine ball or a kettle bell but you could quite as easily use a bag of rice or whatever you wish.

Remember there is no right or wrong way to move or lift just make sure you are doing it comfortably.