Simon Lamb

Here is an another exercise for you to build on your foot strength. It’s so easy that it doesn’t even seem like you are exercising. Take your shoes and socks off and stand up, look down at your feet and lift your big toe up (only your big toe) as though you are doing a thumbs up and leave all the other toes attached to the floor. Mmmm we thought you wouldn’t be able to do it, practice that until you can do it on both feet. 

Why is this important? Your big toe and the chain it belongs to is pivotal in the lift-off stage of your running gate, being able to mobilise it separately is vital in building strength and stability to push off the floor. 

Hopefully after a few weeks you will begin to notice all the tiny muscles in your toes that rarely get conditioned unless you often walk around barefoot. 

Practice this each day. Twice a day at least. When cleaning your teeth, waiting for the bus, waiting for anything really. Become strong through everyday movements.